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Johnny Bravo was an Cartoon Cartoon on the children's channel Cartoon Network. Johnny Bravo is one of the original 8 Cartoon Cartoons. It featured the daily adventures of a macho, narcissitic, and somewhat idiot

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ic musclar man who usually tries to chase after women [usually with bad results]. The show lasted from 1997-2004, ending with 67 full episodes and 178 half episodes. There is a movie called "Johnny goes to Bollywood", but it hasn't been shown yet. It will be shown on June 28, 2012. It was the only Johnny Bravo movie

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to be made and was the only Johnny Bravo movie to be made in 2012. Johnny Bravo was a positively critcally acclaimed cartoon. Johnny Bravo also had two spin-off shows called JBVO: Your All Request Cartoon Show that was like a talk show that answered the viewers the questions and requests and featured a unfrequent Car

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toon Cartoon guest. The other was Viva Las Bravo that aired in Euporean countries that featured Johnny as the host and he named three cartoons that would air that were picked by viewers on the internet [CartoonNe
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Howdy. Have you seen my jacket?]. He would also say funny jokes or answer calls or emails. &nbsp