Dexter popping out of the CCF 'O'

Dexter popping out of the CCF 'O' saying Cartoon Cartoons!

Bubbles in the CCF 'O'

Bubbles in the CCF 'O' saying Cartoon Cartoons!

rtoon Cartoon Fridays was a Friday night block that was on Cartoon Network lasting from 1999-2003. It was replaced by Fridays in 2003. Fridays lasted from 2003-2007. Then, it was shut down and replaced by Fried Dynamite. The Cartoon Cartoon Fridays theme song at the beginning is said bring nostagia to someone who has seen the show in the past. The block was highly critcally acclaimed with millions of viewers all around the world watching the block on Friday nights. The block was semi-revived and retooled as Cartoon Planet starring Brak and Zorak from Space Ghost and The Brak Show. This started on March 30, 2012.

The block featured a different Cartoon Cartoon character every Friday. They were accompanied by an unseen narrator. They would tell the viewer what show was coming up next. They would also talk about other things for a very short period of time. Before going on break, the star of the Cartoon Cartoon [that was previously shown] would pop there head out of one the "O's" on the Bottom Cartoon on the logo and say "Cartoon Cartoons!" before going to the commercials. Another short was a guy named Larry [from Dexter's Laboratory] would sit in a small office desk-like and point out the mistakes or give trivia about the show's episode that was previously on. The block would also show a random short from different shows [possibly cartoons that were supposed to be Cartoon Cartoons].

Cartoon-cartoons-fridays o

Video of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Theme [on silent].


Cartoon Cartoon Fridays theme.


Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Logo. Nostagia...